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Job Posting: Instructional Designer at MicroAssist, Austin, Texas

Full time position with Benefits in Austin, Texas.  Please send resume to or call us at 512.794.8440


Instructional Designer

This individual will be responsible for developing courseware, instructional material, tracking the development process and leading the daily activities of others to accomplish these tasks. Also, they will prepare technical reports, apply training standards to ensure that development is correct and provide quality assurance. Development of work plans and coordination and supervision of staff will be required.

To be qualified for this position, individuals should have at least 3 years experience with a 4-year Instructional Development or related Degree or over 5 years experience without a degree. Experience in using the Instructional Systems Development model, developing training material, Computer Based Training and manuals, along with leading others with the same duties is required.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design and develop educational resources integrating instructional design principles and methodology.
  • Review course content during analysis, design and development for sound pedagogical and instructional design practices as measured by the Development and Curriculum Checklists.
  • Collaborate with project teams, subject matter experts, instructors, and students and analyzes input to determine instructional design and technical design requirements for development of online courses, media and interactivities.
  • Assist project teams with the selection of instructional strategies, development and review of course/lesson objectives, and design of course content and assessments.
  • Work with the project and web development teams to structure content for the best learning experience for the end user.
  • Participate in visual design, prototyping, usability and evaluation of course content, media and interactivities.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the instructional design process and fosters design innovation.
  • Partner with subject matter experts from all areas of the organization in the development of training solutions. 
  • Collaborate with Information Systems and leadership to ensure that educational resources are accessible and functioning properly.
  • Collaborate with leadership and end-users to evaluate and enhance computer based and web-based educational resources.
  • Work closely with content experts to develop effective instructional materials.
  • Direct instructional design of online courses.
  • Define course objectives and assessments for E-Learning courses.
  • Provide quality assurance testing for E-Learning and post-production products.
  • Analyze instructional problems and develop, implement, and evaluate potential solutions to these problems.
  • Analyze and evaluate new instructional tools and technologies and recommend tools and approaches to improve course design.
  • Work with clients and technical team to ensure varied instructional strategies are embedded within the design of E-Learning courses.
  • Keep abreast of emerging applications of instructional design theory and instruction technology through research.
  • Qualifications:

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Instructional Design
  • 3 years experience in Instructional Design; Product Development; Teaching
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and E-learning systems (CMS/LMS)
  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to focus in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to interact professionally and maintain effective working relationships
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