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Job Postings?

This is a definite revenue stream and should not be discounted as an annoyance or anything else. I know there are many other places on the web already posting positions, and there is a reason for that...profit!


Food for Thought

If you are going to charge for a service, then you have to tell the customer precisely what that service will do for them.  Looking at other organizations that are effective in providing a job posting feature, there is a lot of time, effort and technology that goes into it.  For example, organizations doing a credible job of providing this service will not only facilitate a job posting, but categorize them by job type, geographic region, etc.  They also assist in advertising a posting via email, holding job fairs, etc.
Given that this is a new venture, I would lean toward free simple job postings or having a “no job posting” policy until we can do a first class job.


Reason to post jobs

The best reason to have a job posting area is seen on all the other websites: it works!
That's why they have them.


Background info for discussion on job postings

For those just joining, some background may be helpful.  At the brainstorming meeting, the topic of posting job opportunities was one that got mixed reaction. The question is to what degree job postings could be allowed on this site.
All who met were agreed that they don't want ELC to become an aggressive advertising site.  Some feel that limited and tactfully worded postings would be a valuable resource. Some thought there was potential for this to cause problems if left totally unchecked.
What are your thoughts? Keeping in mind the different electronic features, especially the Forums, what policies should be in place?

  • No limitations at all?
  • No job postings allowed?
  • A dedicated thread where postings could be placed?
  • Other ideas??

Joy Hall Bryant
Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)


Jobs for E-Learning deliverey

A dedicated thread.
It might be worth while if we could require that posts would be for only employers who are willing to support our mission - i.e. only positions dedicated to promoting the development and delivery of training using elearning techniques. One never knows if this is actually a serious consideration when looking through positions that are posted in other places.
To cut down on administration, all entries could be automatically removed after 30- 60 days (maybe that could be automated?)  It would be great to see more State agencies become invested in this method of training delivery.


Dedicated Thread

I'm also a member of the local PMI chapter which has a dedicated discussion group for job postings. While that is moderated, it's mainly because it's a yahoo group and spam gets through otherwise.  It's free, and considered an excellent resource for job leads by members.  It's also targeted, which means less spam for members, and more qualified candidates for those who post there.
The PMI jobs list is a members only group; anything here would be as well.  I recommend that something be built into the registration process that addresses recruiting, and making sure new members understand guidelines.
I recommend a forum topic dedicated to job postings, and that meet specific requirements that are clearly stated, some of which seem obvious, but lots of postings miss this information:
1) Must be directly related to eLearning
2) Must include complete contact information (name, title, company, phone, email)
3) Must include job details (Title, Location, Salary Range, type of employment (contract, temporary, or permanent), expected hours, concise requirements - this would require recruiters to clean it up)
I also support the removal of postings after a specific time frame; 60 days seems good because it seems like some of the positions may occasionally take longer to process, and 30 days may not be enough.


Revenue Stream

An interesting thought.  We didn't want to initially charge folks for a number of reasons (build momentum, make it easy for folks to join without needing approval).  Some specific sources of revenue might be quite useful though to pay for stuff this group will needs (WebEx of meetings, hotel space for the conferences, paying for speakers, etc.)


Job Posting Forum

In response to the E-Learning Council Advisory Group we have created a Professional and Career Development Forum where Job Postings are welcome
Sanjay Nasta
MicroAssist E-Learning Group

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