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Keeping up with E-Learning Industry News

Need to keep up with the news from the Training industry?  There are several news aggregation services that make it easier.   News aggregation services use RSS feeds to gather headlines from selected sites.   Useful news aggregators for E-Learning include:

  • E-Learning Council's own News Clips Section.  The News Clips section allows you to view the news by category (Accessibility, Software, General, etc.) or by source.
  • Guy Kawasaki Alltop Site has a Top E-Learning News Section that is quite useful
  • Tony Karrer has set up eLearning Learning to collect the very best E-Learning blog posts and articles from around. the web.

These three aggregators will help you find some of the best E-Learning information on the internet.

Want more?  Look for forum entries that periodically aggregate the best Twitter postings for E-Learning in E-Learning Council's General Forum.

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