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Lectora 9.3 Update

The Lectora 9.3 update can be downloaded from the Trivantis site.
This Service Pack includes the following updates and fixes:

  • Flash Video will now resize correctly.
  • Clip flash Add Animation crashing issue fixed.
  • Fixed installation always asking user to register.
  • Correct Clip flash wizard button issues on Chinese machines.
  • Edit button is now enabled when adding a clip flash through the animation properties.
  • Flash Streaming Video now supports rtmp streaming.
  • Preview in browser button defaults to the system default browser.
  • Fixed issues with deleting form objects.
  • Flash videos now play in Single File EXE.
  • Variable response on submission of forms without web 2.0 now sets values.
  • Corrected long load times for titles with many text blocks published to SFE/CD-ROM.
  • Fixed issue with FLV events in Safari.
  • Fixed Tic Tac Toe Clip Flash to correctly display the last question.
  • Fixed Word table issue when exporting to Lectora Online Package.
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