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Lectora Training Available Through Webinar

Using the GoToMeeting service Ben Pittman (a.k.a. Dr. Lectora) provides live, instant remote training, coaching, and problem solving sessions.
Online Webinar Courses: These courses are designed for individual learners. In situations where there are not enough students to warrant an on-site course nor the travel budget to support going to public classes, these are ideal solutions. They use a blended learning approach combining webinar coaching with self- study.
Lectora 101 - The Basics Step-by-Step Webinar Course
This online webinar approach to Lectora 101 training begins with a one-hour session where the student is introduced to Lectora. Thereafter students work on their own to complete the eight steps in the course. Each step is followed by an individual review and coaching webinar session to ensure that they are on the right track. See left column on this page for content details.
Lectora 301 - Intermediate - Advanced Techniques
This online webinar approach to intermediate/advanced Lectora training begins with a planning session where the student and Dr. Lectora (Ben Pitman) identify which of the 50 techniques are to be covered. The emphasis is on applying these techniques to real courses that the learner is working on. The course includes a review of a current course the learner is developing for improvements in technique.

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