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Linkedin Group for eLearning Council?

Do we want to have a LinkedIn group for members?  This would be a good way to learn more about our experiences in eLearning and related fields, and an easy way to stay in contact. 
If the Executive Council approves it, I'll volunteer to manage it.


Linked-In Group Setup for E-Learning Council

I set up a Linked In Group for E-Learning Council.  You can join by going to:

I will approve folks as fast as possible.   If you are Facebook person, we've got a group setup there too.


Question about Vision

I'm new. It all sounds interesting. But, I can't find the vision for this group. I've looked all over the site. I understand that the mission has not been developed. But, there is no history.  What was the original intent of the person(s) who dreamed it all up? What could it grow into?  Thanks for your attention.


From my perspective

I will take a stab at this since I went to the Charter meeting and volunteerd to be in the start up directing group of members.  We have not yet consolidated a vision in words, but many, many needs came up during our charter session and first planning meeting.
We want to establish a council with resources and redirects to help folks at any stage of their development of and adminstration of the e-learning process for the products needed for their group or business.  
This is a dynamic and fast evolving method of providing learning and enrichment for people to absorb or deliver in thier preferred manner.  Because of this, it will forever take many folks contributing on what they have learned or heard about.  We have discussed a Wiki type of resource to be developed to accomodate this need.

  1. We hope to identify all of the ways evolving for the delivery of an e-learning  method of training and at the very least, point people to more and catagorized resources.
  2. We hope to have Subject Interest Groups develop within the Council and presentations for members to receive.
  3. We hope to provide a community of interactive individuals who will help each other learn the methods and make decisions on the best e-learning solutions for their situations.

 I hope this helps.. all you others on the leader team, jump in and correct or add please!!



Make sure the mission does not use the word "hope". Hope is not a method.


LinkedIn - Yes

LinkedIn has a well defined interface that has been used successfully amongst many groups I have worked with in the past, including Tech-specific groups like the CISSP Forums, etc. We might as well leverage as many mechanisms as possible to develop the community along as many routes as possible. Some people favor one means of communication over others, so the broadest scope for intercommunication can only strengthen the developing group.


Excellent points.  YOur

Excellent points.  YOur comments made me think that it would have multiple purposes; not only would it help us to connect with each other, but increase exposure to others with interest in elearning (and free to boot).



That'd be great.  Eventually we'll have full member profiles on the site.  What's holding that up is a technical issue--Drupal 6.0's Profile module is still not done. 
This would be a great solution.


Let me know if I can/should

Let me know if I can/should get the LinkedIn group set up.  If so, if the appropriate council representative could supply names and email addresses I can get it set to auto-approve members. We'll need to have a policy for how to approve membership in that group as well.

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