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Membership - Cost?

Suggestion: Promote the council like crazy for the first year. All those who join within that first year have free memberships for life. After that, memberships are $XX.XX per year, or $XXX.XX for life.


Membership - startup costs..

I think individuals would be happy to contribute a small membership fee as soon as we have some presentation events set up.  But, there is also a cost just to get this up and running, so we need to consider that.  I would suggest a sliding scale.. either a "lifetime charter" membership or discounted lifetime bargain yearly membership if you contribute right now as it gets off the ground.. yes it's a gamble but it provides some startup $$.  Been there, done that.  If folks are interested in seeing this happen, they won't mind a bargain lifetime membership fee to get it going!  $xx.xx    As this develops into a truely professional organization, maybe a business level membership.   I don't think goverment agencies can do that, though.  my 2 cents.


In addition, we can use some

In addition, we can use some items listed in this article of Inc:

Freebies we can all use, and help cut down on costs of the council.


Membership Dues - Later

Until there is some value to be gained from membership, many groups within the State will likely have trouble justifying the cost of a memership fee or dues rate. First, we need to build value, and only then can discuss the "$-value" of this "community value".


Once the type of regular

Once the type of regular events is determined, I think yearly membership dues would be easier to handle and rate.  We can always charge for specific events (such as a dinner, which are not cheap!) with a scaled rate for members and non-members.

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