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Is anyone on here using Mindmapping tools?  Are there good online ones you can use to collaborate?  I'm looking at Mindmeister ( but wanted to get input.
I want to collaborate with some business colleagues on some ideas I have.  Thought it might be a good way to do this. 
What are y'all using Mindmapping tools for?


Resource for Those New to Mindmapping

and of course for  a few $$$ more, you could join, etc. etc.



I don't know that it qualifies as a mindmapping tool, but I have used Devonthink Pro to organize projects and throw all kinds of disparate information into one place. I found it especially handy when I was working as a freelance writer, as I could quickly toss stuff together while researching and then revisit it later. Bad news for Windows folks, though: it's a Mac-only product.

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