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Monthly Meeting Notes

From meeting 2/17/09

  • We narrowed down to 2 items our ELC or TLC Logo. going back for a little re-work.
  • We determined a title for the 5/28 Symposium at Doubletree (I 35N & 290) to be:
    • More with Less: Implementing ELearning
  • No decision or date yet for next webinar - topics to be
    • Instructional Design
    • E-Blooms
    • LMS Selection
  • Sonjay agreed to setup a private ELC Forum for the Advisory group - I'm posting in it right now!! plus added rights for some members who did not have them... and I agreed to try to keep the ELC Calendar up to date.  Sonjay has already emailed all of us about this.
  • We set the next month's meeting to be March 17th (I believe.. had some discussion - that is the day Jochim is supposed to be returning - so maybe we decided the 24th... but if that is so, I can not attend.)

Y'all jump in and correct me, please as needed :)


Linked In Connections - ELearning Group

Don't forget to join LinkedIn and the ELearning Group in LinkedIn
It's a great place for us to see (remember) and know better, the folks we are meeting through the ELearning Council. 
I feel it is especially important for the Advisory group to all be "LinkedIn" connections.. just my opinion. Carolyn



The 17th is a good date that I know of. Sanjay also has some logos for the ELC we can look at, dissect, vote on, etc.
It would be great if we had a full house.
Joy - will you be able to attend? I'd like to see the results from the eval forms for both events if they are tallied.
See you there!

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