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Playing with technology -

The best way for me to learn about technology is to actually use it in a "play" context.  For me "play" implies:

  1. No pressure:  No client deadlines, no specifications, etc.
  2. The ability to start over.  If I decide I picked the incorrect technology or concept I want to start over easily without destructive consequences.

I decided I wanted to learn about Wiki's and how they could be used by our clients in a learning environment as well as building a community.   I am just at the start of the "play" process--I am creating a Sports Encyclopedia Wiki at
Initially I have decided to use TikiWiki.  Why?  First, the hosting provider I use for my sandbox had an install script.  More time to play with concept, less time worrying about technology.  Second, it got decent reviews.  Third, It integrates Wiki's, Articles, Blogs, Forums, and Chat.  Easier to build a community.
Obviously, this website is not ready for primetime (and may never be).  If y'all want to watch it being built up, torn down, rebuilt and my technology learning process in action...peek in from time to time.

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