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Podcasting 101 Resources

The Podcasting 101 sessions were a set of classes organized by volunteers from Texas government. This document was a resource handout that grew with each session.
An Internet search will yield hundreds of resources and references, so in no way do we claim is this a comprehensive list or “the best”. It is simply some helpful references suggested by volunteers organizing the Podcasting 101 clinics for Texas State Government in August/September 2009.
Introduction / How To
·      Learning in Hand  (Great how-to booklet available for download)
·      Podcasting in Plain English  (short YouTube video by CommonCraft)
·      Make a Professional Podcast on a Minimal Budget
·      MuniGov 2.0 Explanation
·      How To Podcast Tutorial
·      YouTube - use SEARCH to find tons of tutorials on podcasting or use of various tools like Audacity (as well as any other subject)
·      TeacherTube - YouTube type site for educators. Access is often not blocked by organizations that restrict access to YouTube
Finding Podcasts
·      Odeo 
·      iTunes 
·      Podcast Alley 
·      Podcast 411
·      Podcast Pickle
·      Audacity Audio Editor/RecorderLAME
·      MP3 Encoder 
Tool Tutorials and Tips
§      Garageband Video Tutorials 
§      Imovie Video Tutorials 
§      Audacity Wik
§      Movie Maker 2 Free Tips and Tricks 
Podcast Hosting Sites
§      Solidcast 
§      Podomatic 
(list found at
·      SoundSnap - Quality sound effects and ambiance
·      PodsafeAudio - Music to use under the creative commons license. A huge library.
·      Partners in Rhyme - A large number public domain sound effects
·      Jamendo - Another great community for sharing music under the creative commons license.
·      Podcasting Legal Guide
·      Making Podcasts Accessible (College of the Redwoods)
·      Jeffrey Frey on Accessilble Podcasts -  Blogger from Rice University, focus on Pocasting in Education 
Government-Specific Information
·      Free Governmnet Podcasts
· - robust goverment community on website-related topics
·      MuniGov 2.0 - very active group about use of Social Media/Web 2.0 in government
·      Texas Senate Weekly Review Podcasts
·      TxDOT Podcasts

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