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Preferred Storyboarding Tools?

What storyboarding tools do you prefer to use? Which are ones to avoid?  Any best practices for storyboarding for rapid eLearning?


storyboard tools

Something to keep in mind is that a Storyboard can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make it.  The first thing to remember however, is that it's basically an outline of your intent and direction.

  1. What do you want students to learn?
  2. What do they already know?
  3. What content do you need to include?
  4. What content is optional?
  5. What learning activities will help the students most?
  6. What is the best sequence of events/activities?

With that said, a lot of storyboard software merely builds or plugs into programs such as PowerPoint or Word.  (Storyboarder Pro, Storyboard Artist, Omnibus Learning, Mindflash, Storyboard, etc.)  In which case, it's much easier to just use PowerPoint or Word to create your storyboard.  Remember, the storyboard is not the template or the draft - it's a statement of your direction - an outline or map to keep you on track.
The second thing to consider if you do want to pursue software options is what type? 

  1. A step-by-step, wizard-based program?
  2. Form-based software?
  3. HTML-based software?
  4. Plug-In software?

If you use one of those options, you'll need to find one that can match / blend with your agency's standards to give you consistency with their branding policies.  Those will allow you to add images, video, etc, but for a basic storyboard are not necessary and may distract from the content of your outline.


Storyboarding - simple style

We use PowerPoint - and I can email a sample if anyone is interested.

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