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Quality of eLearning offerings

I work creating customer facing training and have spearheaded both the implementation of the LMS for our learners, as well as a significant upgrade to course materials by creating highly interactive, engaging and media-rich courses. The SME I worked with to do this was very challenging as a collaborator, (called me an idiot in an email my second day on the job) but I feel that we produced excellent offerings for our customers, once I understood his communication style better, and started standing up for better instructional practices.

My manager then charged me with improving a bread-and-butter ILT course, at which I brilliantly succeeded, increasing the throughput of learners by half again without extending duration of the course. I believe this was the final straw for the SME and he is now producing eLearning on his own. Ostensibly, I was to support his material with instructional design and interactives but he has basically blown me off and just plunks down the completed product which is dreary voice overs on top of PowerPoint slides punctuated with the occasional quiz question. He has even insisted on debasing a brilliantly interactive tool to this purpose, despite my showing him its potential for engaging.

I think it's a very bad product, and now am stuck populating the LMS with this material. I had hopes of monetizing our eLearning courses but with this kind of output I'm almost embarrassed to give it away. My boss is a good person to work for and yet he is quite satisfied with this material because it uses my graphic templates as backgrounds and has lots of dense information in it. The LMS shows people dropping off and not completing the courses nearly in the numbers they do for our other products, and I AM collecting that data.

In the meantime, should I say something? There is no one I can say it to who won't be offended because basically I would be saying you don't know what you're doing. But at the same time I'm ashamed to be associated with this stuff. I really thought I was getting through to them. People were giving great feedback and my manager volunteered that he thought the quality was leaps and bounds beyond where they had been. But now we're going backwards because of one stubborn person who has taken umbrage that the ILT could be improved.

Should I just look for a different job?


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