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Questions about lesson lengths and tools


We are developing an e-learning course for high school students and are trying to get some advice about how to best structure our lessons to make them most interesting and informative. Our lessons are not required, but are for informative purposes and are time-sensitive (monthly rollout of content with multiple lessons).

We are hoping for some advice about:
• What is the ideal lesson length? We have some related topics we want to string together, but we are thinking that it is best rather than having a 15 minute course with one topic building on the next, that we have 3 separate five minute courses, but we would like feedback.
• What types of tools are available to help structure the curriculum and lessons, particularly if there are related topics that may be woven through many different courses?
• Does anyone have any tips about creating dynamic courses using Prezi and/or Camtasia studios?
• Does anyone have any tips about delivering these courses specifically within LearnDash?


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