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Rant: Microsoft's Business E-Learning Courses

One of the projects I'm working on is documentation to introduce access to Microsoft's Business E-Learning Courses, which we get for free with licenses for 2007 office products. 
In looking at the courses, I'm rather appalled at the complexity.  It has previous and next buttons to move between modules, but not between parts of each module (links or buttons in another frame).  The questions seem to be more about differentiating between tasks than how to actually do something. 
I'm shuddering at the thought of seeing this rolled out to users who will be resistant to upgrading because of the significant interface changes and on top of that the courses are not learner friendly. 
Any thoughts? Anyone else have experience with these microsoft created courses?


What specific topics are you looking for help on?

I've had really good luck finding great videos on Microsoft's site on specific topics (e.g pivot tables at  
Also, there are great tutorials on YouTube on most Microsoft topics.  One option might be able to gather a list of topics your users need and create a web page with links to tutorials you have found and validated.  A Web 2.0 approach.


That's a definite idea, a

That's a definite idea, a project for 'downtime' I think my manager could get into.  I know there are a lot of good tutorials on diverse subjects out there in blogs and youtube. They wouldn't be trackable on the LMS system, but options to help people enhance their understanding. 
Good thinking. Thanks!


Try this

I have had the same issues with MS, so we bought a membership on and have been very pleased. You might want to give it a try.


I'll definitely bring that

I'll definitely bring that to my bosses attention.  Thanks!

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