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Social Event?

Maybe it's just me being happy that my contract got extended for 20 weeks to work on new projects, but while we're working on building this new organization, why not have a social event, like meeting for happy hour somewhere?  It could be a casual way to speak eLearning geek to each other and learn more about each other in general.


Suggested Location for Social Event

My thinking is "keep-it-simple" so - how about those who want to socialize adjourn to a high class joint like Ski Shores - always cooler by the water. However, the 18th is a Monday and they are not open on Mondays. Other suggestions??? The Domain is right across the street but I've not been to any of their places.


I vote Joachim's Place

Break out some of those big bucks you make and invite us all over : ^)


Domain and other possibilities

The domain has several options:

California Pizza Kitchen

Cru - A Wine Bar

Daily Grill

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse (coming soon, apparently)


Joe DiMaggio's Italian Chophouse

Kona Grill

McCormick & Schmick's


The Steeping Room

There's also Trudy's on Burnet near 183, not far from the JJ Pickle Center, easy to get to, and leave from. 


Deep's Happy Hour List

My brother (Deep Nasta) just sent me his favorite happy hour list (which I promptly stole and posted at

Might be helpful.



Domain and other possibilities

I've heard that the California Pizza Kitchen is fairly roomy - which we might need depending on the size of the group. There are also restaurants at ArborWalk and the Sherlock's at Burnett and 183 has plenty of room to circulate.


Social Event

Input on adding a "social" event after the August 18 E-Learning event? Since many of us will be there we could continue....???


I second the idea

I like the idea of adding a social event after the Aug event.


I like it too

Although I don't have the bandwidth to plan it myself... I've got two workshops to finish developing and run in August, plus other commitments.
But I'll help where I can.


OK so nobobody wants to socialize?

Just because I proposed piggybacking, doesn't mean it is a bad idea - or does it?????


I second the idea

I like the idea because while the Advisory Council is meeting and planning and communicating it's been too long for everyone else.  Anyone want to be in charge?
Congrats on your contract extension.
Sanjay nasta



Remember, if you have these types of events, you will unwittingly (or wittingly) become more centric and exclude others who are not in your immediate area.


While I agree that we need

While I agree that we need to be sensitive about including our remote membership, we would be doing our local membership by not hosting local events.
I would hope we do not limit ourselfs to web based activities only.


I agree

Right Jenn...but having a social in the evening may keep even those locals away.

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