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Southwest Learning Summit

The Southwest Learning Summit, sponsored by the Dallas ASTD chapter, has finalized the program and you can see full details at Cost: $55.00 (includes lunch).


Southwest Learning Summit - for those who did not make it.

Highlights included keynote Clint Swindell  Holly St. John Peck's presentation on energizing training (lot's of Bob Pike review), and a good session on story telling in corporate cultures.
Less interesting was a sales oriented session on converting classroom content to E-Learning. Arrived too late to fully attend the generational differences session but did pick up handouts.
Thanks to my intense professionalism ( actually - luck of the draw) we are now in possession of:
Discipline Without Punishment by Dick Grote -
"More than 30 years ago, Dick Grote developed a powerful, nonpunitive discipline system that turned a troubled Frito-Lay plant from a hotbed of employee sabotage and toxic relations into a productive, respectful environment - one where employees took personal responsibility for their behavior, and managers helped problem employees become productive players." This new edition of the best selling Discipline Without Punishment has been updated to help a new generation of managers and HR professionals adopt a positive, proven method for getting problem employees back on track. Packed with real-life examples, dialogues, worksheets, and a no-nonsense sensibility that busy readers will appreciate, the book remains an eye-opening, practical guide to making your disciplinary system equitable and effective."
A Practitioner's Guide to Positive Questions - Using Appreciative Inquiry to Bring Out the Best  and GTE Mini Case Study on same site.
Overall, well worth the $$$/time spent.

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