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Spelling Preference for eLearning

I checked Masie's Learningtown site, and he has a group entitled e-Learning Dialogues.
I also checked Jay Cross's site (another guru) and he is using eLearning.  I don't think we're going to find a definitive spelling.
Shall we take a vote? I'm partial to eLearning, but E-Learning flies for me, too.


My vote > e-Learning Council

Given Joy's email comments and what I've seen of industry and internal use, I think e-Learning Council is more appropriate.
"e-Learning" is very much in line with the industry and it still makes sense to use ELC as the acronym.


spelling for electronic learning abbreviation

Wikipedia shows..  Electronic learning (or e-Learning or eLearning) and within the following article uses e-Learning or E-Learning if at the beginning of a sentence.

 -- excerpt from Ask FAQ - Spelling
What is the correct way to spell 'e' words such as 'email', 'ecommerce', 'egovernment'? Should they be hyphenated or capitalized or neither? 
We do not have a policy on e-words, because what we show in our dictionaries depends upon the evidence available to the editors at the time a particular dictionary was prepared. It is the Concise Oxford Dictionary which sets our own house style. It is frequently revised and so can incorporate linguistic changes and reflect current usage. The edition which came out in 2004 shows the e-prefix ('denoting the use of electronic data transfer, especially through the Internet') in lower case (Of course it would have a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence).
The Concise does not have an entry for e-government, but we expect one to appear in this form (compare e-cash, e-commerce). We recommend email, as this is now by far the most common form. If in doubt with other words, hyphenate - this is the most comprehensible form of such words.
My vote - eLearning (easier to type) however I would rather make Joachim happy :) so     E-Learning is also cool with me.  

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