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U.S. Census Bureau estimates of level of disability

Angela English posted this to the Texas ADA Coordinators list--

In a report issued in the December 2008 Current Population Reports the U.S. Census Bureau reported that of the 291.1 million people in the 2005 population of the United States, 54.4 million, or 18.7 percent, reported some level of disability, and 35 million (12.0 percent of all people) reported a severe disability.

Issued December 2008:


US Census Bureau estimates of level of disability

At a GAFDI (Greater Austin Forum for Diversity & Inclusion) meeting last year a presenter shared that there's an additional 30,000 people that were not counted in these totals because they were soldiers not yet returned from "active duty" in the military (they were still deployed and in an overseas hospital) but were already disabled at the time this information was gathered.
The presenter also pointed out that there are:
- more younger (18-35) men with disabilities than older men
- more older women with disabilities than younger women

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