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Using Google Docs and Related Features

I have created a method of using the Google Docs Form for evaluations after class (rather than paper).  I investigated Survey Monkey, Zoomerang and iContact for similar use, but GDocs are simple, free and best of all.. posts the student's form entries directly into the GDocs spreadsheet that can be very easily downloaded to .ods, .csv.xls or other spreadsheets formats.  Google is continuing to improve the features with the Form use.. such as a graphical representation of results. 
What I really like is the total control, however there are no methods of keeping co-trainers or anyone you have shared the spreadsheet with, from changing the data.. that is both good and bad... so replies are not "in ink".
My read on the legal usage of this is the account belongs to a person and is for that person's use.. so I am the trainer, and this is my account and I am using it for evaluations in my classes.  I would appreciate anyone elses review and take on the Google Account Terms.
Also, I am now allowed to let other agencies fill my seats if they are not full by 3 days before my class.  The class seat usage is extremely dynamic especially in the Austin classroom.   Consequently, I created a list of classes - dates - and current seat status in a GDocs spreadsheet and those can be published.  You then send the URL to those you want to have access to the published document. I don't think it is searchable in Google least in my trials, I have not succeeded, but that may be a good thing - provides some security.
If anyone cares to colaborate with me on further exploration of GDocs  I have created some tests we can use without messing up my current live pilot so just let me know. 


What a creative idea!

What a creative idea.  I'd love to look in to what you're doing and seeing if we can contribute ideas.
Sanjay Nasta


Embedding Google Spreadsheet forms on a web page

Here's an interesting blog entry on the topic of embedding Google forms on a web page that might be useful


Publishing Google docs to a blog is also about the same...

and again.. all free.  Set up a Blog on Google Blogger and publish a document to your blog. It is then updated in your blog everytime you update the sheet in your Google Docs.  I really don't understand how Google can offer all of this stuff for no cost.  I always suspect there will be a screeching halt to it some day.  Yahoo is beginning to get rid of their free items... so I suspect it is only a matter of time.

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