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Why Video? Alex Turkovic at ELS 2014 (Part 2)


By Kevin Gumienny

When the training team at BigCommerce turned to internal training, they determined that sales and other agents needed to share the same understanding of the user experience.

BigCommerce has three distinct internal audiences. Technical support personnel, who needed to manage the phone queue and have a handle on the technical details of the product; sales, where time is money; and engineers, who preferred self-paced training and bite-sized sessions.

They decided on a structure that had video-focused online training as a prerequisite, followed by a quick quiz, and then internal relevant information—webpages and videos.

This was followed by an in-class session, where employees participated in labs doing simulations, role playing, and mock calls.

In the end, using videos as the foundation for their curriculum increased instructional time while decreasing classroom time. The team spent more time was creating content than delivering instructor-led training.

BigCommerce was able to leverage video to educate their customers, increase their trial-to-paid conversion rate, and allow their employees to spend more time learning and less time in the classroom. What kind of techniques did they use to create these videos? We’ll talk about those in the next blog post.

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