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Why Video? Alex Turkovic at ELS 2014 (Part 3)


By Kevin Gumienny

After implementing video training, BigCommerce’s trial-to-paid conversion rate went to 15% from 10%. The company was more successful in educating their customers. Employees spent more time learning, and less time in the classroom.

What techniques did the training team use when creating these videos?

One, they decided to host all of their videos on Wistia. That way, they didn’t have to mess with video hosting or bandwidth issues. Wistia is like YouTube without the social aspect. And it provides great metrics.

They also developed a guide on producing video. Some of their best practices:

Take the time to write a script. Get down on paper exactly what you want to say. That way, you won’t waste time recording and rerecording.

Do a table read. It’s here that you’ll find out whether or not the script you thought sounded so natural really does. This will allow you to make your video time most effective.

Don’t be perfect when shooting. Use a teleprompter if you can. Alex points out that cheap ones are available on eBay. If you can’t use a teleprompter, memorize short chunks of text and get creative in editing to link segments together. If you can, shoot someone who is natural on camera. Light your shoot properly. And remember that Camtasia is a lifesaver. Shoot your video while planning to edit out the imperfections.

Spend time on editing. A good, professional video editor is worth investing in.

In all, Alex stressed that success rested on going with the MVP—the minimal viable product. Simple, short videos allowed BigCommerce to develop their craft and brand, educate their users, train their staff, and scale to meet growing number of customers. Why video? Because it worked.

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