ELS 2012 Austin Workshops

In tandem with the E-Learning Symposium, the E-Learning Council presents four workshops

  1. E-Learning Project Management,
  2. Removing the Snooze Factor from your Webinars
  3. Recording Audio for E-Learning
  4. Articulate StoryLine

Each workshop provides targeted skills you can take back to your office and use immediately! Registration for the workshops is separate from the E-Learning Symposium, and registration to the Symposium is not mandatory to attend the workshops. 

All workshops will be held on Thursday, June 14, 2012 at MicroAssist, 8500 Shoal Creek Blvd. 

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Planning and Managing an E-Learning Project

MicroAssist’s E-Learning Group

The success of your E-Learning initiative begins and ends with project management. E-Learning projects are more complex to manage than traditional learning projects because they involve technology and training. There’s more risk, more time constraints, more budget pressures, and more failures in communication.

Our E-Learning Project Management Workshop will show you an adaptive and agile methodology for E-Learning projects that will help you prevent common pitfalls in an E-Learning project. Topics covered include

· Project charter and definition

· Creating communication and agreement between all stakeholders and resources

· Creating a high accountability blueprint

· Risk management: how to know when trouble is imminent 

Getting Started with Articulate Storyline

David Anderson, Articulate

Building interactive Sold Outelearning usually means you have to have programming skills or a team of programmers at hand. Today, that’s no longer the case. With Articulate Storyline you can experience the simplicity of working in a familiar interface and the power of creating more than click-and-read elearning…all at the speed of business.

In this session, you’ll learn to work with Articulate Storyline to build engaging and interactive courses. You’ll also learn Storyline’s core authoring process using the innovative object states, slide layers, and trigger features to quickly build interactive content.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • About the key Storyline features
  • How to insert content on the screen
  • Work with the built-in character sets
  • Quickly build interactive content using the states, layers and triggers
  • Customize the course player
  • Publish for Flash, HTML5 or the iPad
  • Create click and reveal interactions
  • Produce hotspot and rollover activities
  • Quickly build drag and drop interactions

As a bonus, all templates and interactions will be shared with participants.


Webinar Training: Avoiding the Snooze Factor

Linda Warren, MicroAssist

Have you ever completed a webinar and said, “Wow, that was great!”? We don’t hear that reaction to webinars very often. However, synchronous online training can be engaging and effective. You only need to understand the medium and use it to its full potential.

In this workshop we’ll:

  • look at the characteristics and features of the medium;
  • compare and contrast various webinar applications; and
  • apply strategies to make webinars that are interactive and have impact.

As we cover planning, designing, and delivering training via webinars; participants will design their own virtual training sessions.

Guide to Recording Great Audio for your eLearning and Podcasts

Alex Turkovic, Dell Inc.

This workshop will discuss some of the intricacies and theories behind ‘good’ audio… as well as some of the vocal techniques used to make the narrator’s voice more effective.

 Topics covered include:

  • Basic signal flow
  • Hardware options – mics/interfaces/mic-pres
  • Effective vocal mic techniques
  • Using pop filters
  • Mic placement
  • Precedence effect
  • Effective use of effects
  • Compression
  • Reverb
  • Normalization
  • EQ
  • Basic audio conversion and compression
  • Utilizing tools like Captivate and Articulate

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