ELC Meeting–Rapid E-Learning Tools

David Gaw gave a presentation on Rapid E-Learning Tools.  I have worked with a lot of the Rapid E-Learning Tools and my big take-away from this presentation was the increasing need for speed in the creation of E-Learning.   Bersin & Associates quote “Training and HR managers surveyed said 72% of their training problems must be solved within 60-90 days.” resonated with me.  I think our customers are sometimes willing to give up production quality for speed.  However, I think we have to be careful and not give up instructional quality to get speed.  If we produce material that is of low instructional value we lose credibility with our audience–they are relunctant to take more training.   Also, we waste a lot of money.  Invariably the largest portion of training cost is audience time and lack of performance after they have attended training.

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