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The June 8 Dallas Morning News had an interesting article on Second Life at Dallas area colleges/universities

  For those interested in gaming and E-Learning, see for a free down loadable study sponsored by IBM:

“Leadership in Games and at Work:

Implications for the Enterprise of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games”


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  1. Martha Jacobson says

    From a SL enthusiast, Ryan Cameron, as posted on


    First of all, educators should be plugged into “SLED” . Join the group “real life education in SL” and you’ll get into regular discussions and meetings germain to LearningTown.

    Also check out the official list of educators in SL.

    Monday at 7pm SLT “when worlds collide” with Cypress Rosewood ( is where a large number of interesting people meet to talk in RL and SL about whats up and new. Many regulars from the space settlement sims, the international space museum are there often.

    Attend linden office hours too! I go to Zero Linden’s office hours on tuesday afternoon and thursday morning to talk about the state of the art in the backend/architecture. All welcome!

    Ina Centaur is running regular meetings with SLLiterary group, often hosting real world authors to discuss their books. Ina also runs the Shakespeare Society who have been and will be regularly performing live plays in SL. Ive been to a couple of them, really impressive! Check out for more info.

    Paisley Beebe hosts an in world television show that is also broadcast in Austrailia on local television.

    Every sunday at 2pm SLT is the SL humanism meetings, always a “spirited” discussion! The SL Buddhists meet regularly. Theres an Evangelical Christian group that meets regularly on “truth island”.

    Best thing is just to pick an interest, do a search in groups, and join groups to get notifications of upcoming meetings, concerts, and events in world.

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