Comparing Blogs, Wikis and Forums

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Abbreviation of web log. Commentary or news on a particular subject.

Typically combine text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages.

Allows readers to leave comments in an interactive format.

Collection of web pages designed so anyone can read, add, or edit content.

Collaboration is a key component where a group of people come together to share and build knowledge.

A web application for holding discussions.

Also known as discussion groups, boards, bulletin boards.

Content Creator Single content creator Multiple Content Creators editing the same information. Threaded Content. Frequently follows a question/answer format.
Moderation A single user creates posts, others can reply in comments. The comments can be moderatored or unmoderated. Any registered user can contribute, mistakes should be quickly edited. Any registered user can create a original post or a reply.
Focus Oriented around the thoughts of a person. The name implies a personal log. Information is sequential, often time oriented. Oriented around information that multiple people can edit. Conversation oriented. Question and reply format
Modification of Information Usually information is frozen when the entry is made. New information is made in a new entry Information can be continually modified. Usually information is frozen when the entry is made. New information is added as a reply to the original posting.
Editing of Content HTML. Most blog software has Rich Text Editors available. Simplified markup language. Some wiki software has Rich Text Editors available Text. Sometimes HTML.
Information Categorization Category Tagging Index of topics Index of topics but frequently contributors will not create appropriate topics
Ownership of Information Poster Community Community
Best suited for An online diary–pulpit for an individual. Discussions on a topic Information Sharing Conversations
Example E-Learning Council allows user blogs. is the most famous. E-Learning Council has a forum for the exchange of ideas.

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