E-Learning Council Mission Statement

The Advisory Group for the E-Learning Council came up with three possible mission statements.   We got more definition from a forum discussion.  Please read, review and comment.  We are having another advisory group meeting next week and we’d like to finalize the mission and vision of this group



Advance E-learning through a community of professionals with the purpose of providing leadership, information and resources in a collaborative environment.


Bringing people together to advance E-learning.


To serve as a community of leadership, information, and resources to expand and enhance effective E-learning.

  • Collaborate
  • Advance
  • Guide
  • Support
  • Share

From Forum discussion:

We want to establish a council with resources and redirects to help folks at any stage of their development of and adminstration of the e-learning process for the products needed for their group or business.  
This is a dynamic and fast evolving method of providing learning and enrichment for people to absorb or deliver in thier preferred manner.  Because of this, it will forever take many folks contributing on what they have learned or heard about.  We have discussed a Wiki type of resource to be developed to accomodate this need.

  1. We hope to identify all of the ways evolving for the delivery of an e-learning  method of training and at the very least, point people to more and catagorized resources.
  2. We hope to have Subject Interest Groups develop within the Council and presentations for members to receive.
  3. We hope to provide a community of interactive individuals who will help each other learn the methods and make decisions on the best e-learning solutions for their situations.

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  1. JennBrown says

    I’m leaning towards #1, but slightly re-worded:

    Advance eLearning through community, leadership, collaboration and accessible resources.

    • misulliv says

      Thanks to all for your work in developing the 3 options. I like the way JennBrown re-formulated – that works for me.

  2. Martha Jacobson says

    I like JennBrown’s summary. Here’s a bit higher overview.


    To collaboratively create a dynamic community for dialog and guidance about eLearning best practices, tools, and innovations.

    A diverse global network that serves as a clearinghouse of eLearning information and resources

    We value:

    • Peer to peer connections and support
    • An unfolding of networks that serve a variety of users – designers, developers, and managers
    • Flow of shared resources that support eLearning excellence

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