How do you know what they know? Building valid assessments

Dr. Frank Nguyen has a great article on building valid assessments at the Adobe Developer Center.  He points out the dangers of relying on written tests to tell us if learners know hot do do something isntead of asking them to demonstrate that they can do it.  Of course this is made easier by modern LMS’ because they tend to make multiple choice tests easier.  To create valid tests he recommends:

  1. Identifying the instructional objectives
  2. Categorize the objectives (Is it a fact,  a concept, a process, a procedure, or a principle) 
  3. Select the most appropriate assessment depending on the type of objective
  4. Draft the assessment item
  5. Develop the assessment item

He recommends the appropriate assesment type depending on the type of objective. 

Types of Assessment and Objectives

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