New Zealand Open Source Virtual Learning Environment Project and Moodle

I was researching larger Moodle installations when I came across this great site for the New Zealand Open Source Virtual Learning Environment Project (NZOSVLE).


The Objectives & Principles of NZOSVLE Project were:

Significantly reduce the total cost of ownership at a system wide-level

Select and contribute to open source communities – avoid forks

Encourage collaboration and user networks

Reduce to barriers to entry: technology, support & professional development

Accommodate flexible pedagogical approaches

Support localisation – including Maori and Pacific Island languages (OSCINZ)

Advocate for interoperability

Catalyst for innovation


The choose Moodle because:

Open and active community (critical mass). Good developer and end-user documentation.

Modular system architecture

Relatively easy to integrate with other systems

Course / student centred rather than tool-centric

Adaptability – allows instructors to adjust courses on the fly

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