Visual Thinking Workshops – September 28th

We are excited to welcome back Allison Crow of Crow Hill Conversations to our classroom. Her workshops at E-Learning Symposium were so popular that we’ve opened another session September 28th. The morning will cover the basics of Visual Thinking, and the afternoon will delve deeper into involved learning and push and pull visual thinking methods. Both sessions will be held at MicroAssist – the first from 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM, and the second from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM.

Join Allison for a workshop on the value of using visuals to clarify ideas, ignite inspiration and ambidextrous thinking, to tell stories, and to capture attention and emotion for enhanced learning. Pick up the pen and start learning to get visual thoughts on paper. Learn the Visual Thinking Alphabet and other shortcuts to doodling well, as well as methods to launch your graphic note taking/presenting skills. Students will also discuss application and using visuals in sharing online. 

Students are encouraged to bring their iPad, favorite stylus (Allison recommends the BOXWAVE or POGO), and the Notes+ app, but an iPad is by no means required!

Allison’s second session will teach students to engage their audience with graphics, how to begin taking sketch notes, and how to create a visual template. Students will also cover the Push method of presenting content and Pull visual thinking methods to engage audiences.

Check out her E-Learning Symposium presentation, get more information, or register for the workshops on September 28th!

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