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White Paper: eLearning Reporting Standards: SCORM and Tin Can

Linda WarrenIn this white paper E-Learning Council speaker Linda Warren and Mike Hruska discuss the significance of the Experience API also known as xAPI and “Tin Can”. The jump from SCORM to xAPI is a big one and learning managers and designers need to be aware of the limitations of SCORM and how xAPI is designed to address them.

100 Free Fascination Advantage® Assessments for E-Learning Council Readers

Branding expert and leading authority on the science of fascination, Sally Hogshead, is the author of Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation Although Fascinate is meant for marketing pros, the book creates a strong framework that can be used by learning professionals to increase engagement with their audience.

Erik Soell – Rapid Learning at the Federal Reserve

Erik Soell joined the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in 2001, where he leads the Fed’s Rapid Communications team, which manages Rapid Response, Ask the Fed, and other similar programs.

Erik began his talk by outlining four key functions of the Federal Reserve:

  • Influencing the supply of money and credit
  • Responding to financial panics
  • Regulating financial institutions
  • Serving as a banking and fiscal agent for the U.S. government

After explaining the purpose of the Fed, Erik outlined the causes of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, chief among them the bust in the housing market. In addition, he pointed out that large investment banks were at the epicenter of this debacle because of their role in creating securities from mortgages.

Why Video? Alex Turkovic at ELS 2014 (Part 3)

By Kevin Gumienny

After implementing video training, BigCommerce’s trial-to-paid conversion rate went to 15% from 10%. The company was more successful in educating their customers. Employees spent more time learning, and less time in the classroom.

What techniques did the training team use when creating these videos?

One, they decided to host all of their videos on Wistia. That way, they didn’t have to mess with video hosting or bandwidth issues. Wistia is like YouTube without the social aspect. And it provides great metrics.

They also developed a guide on producing video. Some of their best practices:

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