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Call for Webinars

E-Learning Council and Texas Department of Information Resources are seeking presenters for the ELC-DIR Webinar series, kicking off this fall. We look forward to to providing you with quality resources from leading learning industry experts. If you or someone from your organization has a captivating presentation you would like to see showcased in the series, please contact Nicole Stallings at for details.

ELC interviews Ralph Mercer on social learning

E-Learning Council's Sanjay Nasta speaks to E-Learning Symposium panelist on social learning, Ralph Mercer, about the importance of social learning in a "no fail" environment.


ELC: Could you tell our readers a little bit about your background?

Ralph: I am Chief Warrant Officer in the Canadian Forces; my background is technical, both fixing and flying on aircraft. During the course of my 32 years, I've spent about 14 of them instructing aircrew, in the class, simulator, and air. I've always loved tech (geek alert) and interested in how it shapes a learning environment and the culture of the organization it impacts. I'm presently developing a professional development architecture for Non-Commissioned members of the Canadian Forces using modern learning technology and methodologies... It's important to note that these are my views and thoughts on these topics.

ELC interviews Flint Buchanan

E-Learning Council's Linda Warren sits down with E-Learning Symposium 2011 Houston presenter Flint Buchanan to hear about his work with The Glass Horse, a thrilling interactive training tool for the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. 

ELC interviews Allison Crow, Visual Thinker

Allison Crow is a principal at Crow Hill Conversations, a visual thinking company. She was one of the highest rated speakers at E-Learning Symposium Austin and we are pleased to have her back for E-Learning Symposium Houston and her September 28th workshops at MicroAssist

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