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Hiram Kuykendall shares his E-Learning Symposium 2011 Houston presentation

Looking for an LMS but not sure where to begin? MicroAssist's Hiram Kuykendall presented "Selecting a Learning Management System" at E-Learning Symposium 2011 Houston last week, and is sharing his expertise with you today. Log in to download!


What is your biggest challenge in MANAGING an E-Learning project at your organization?

Social Media + Learning is more than Social Learning - by Jane Hart

Jane Hart is the Founder of the Centre of Learning & Performance Technologies, and is also a Principal of the Internet Time Alliance, a think tank of learning and business performance practitioners that help organizations exploit emerging practices in work smarter. She was recently voted into the number one spot in E-Learning Council's "Top Ten Most Influential Bloggers" contest. To read more from Jane Hart, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

ELC interviews Anders Gronstedt in Second Life

E-Learning Symposium speaker and virtual worlds expert Anders Gronstedt met with E-Learning Council's Birgit Schulz (in the form of the ELC robot) at the Gronstedt Group island in Second Life.  The consulting firm's weekly virtual meetup "Train for Success" began its new season today, and will touch on new topics every Thursday at 9.00 AM PT/ NOON ET/18.00 CET.

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