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E-Learning Symposium 2011-Austin Photos

Announcing Great Voyages: ILT to WBT Houston dates!

Let us be your guide
 Instructor-Led Training to Web-Based Training
The journey from Instructor-Led Training to Web-Based Training is fraught with challenges, but it is undoubtedly a journey worth making. MicroAssist would like to serve as your guide.

Great Voyages: ILT to WBT is a five-part series of convenient Learn@Lunches that will take you through the essentials of moving from Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side.

Part One: Setting Sail

Aimée Smith's Presentation - Can You Hear Me Now? Using Voice-Over in E-Learning

Here is the first of our E-Learning Symposium 2011 Austin speakers' presentations - Aimée's presentation on using voice-over in E-Learning. Log in* to download the PDF!
Look for more this week as we receive them: next up is Anders Gronstedt's Five Superpowers of Learning for the Digital Age.

*Must be registered with E-Learning Council to view and save presentation material. Not registered yet? It's easy, do it here.

"Selling" eLearning concepts to your management.

I happend upon this great podcast with good explaination and examples of the differences between the Learning Management System and the Learning Content Management System with good analogies and reasons for implementing both.

How to Integrate LMS and LCMS for Maximum ROI with Marc Blumenthal

and other resources at 

In larger companies, organizations or government agecies there are so many departments that are or can be involved in training that it sometimes turns out that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

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