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MicroAssist’s Dr. Kevin Gumienny’s ELS 2015 Presentation on Brainy Elearning

Dr. Kevin Gumienny
Dr. Kevin Gumienny

MicroAssist’s elearning team lead, Dr. Kevin Gumienny presented on methods, tools, and techniques based on learning science that will create better elearning. Dr. Gumienny showed practical examples of learning created based on how the brain works. Kevin talked about why people learn, the problem with event based learning and the solution (hint Google spaced learning, and even snuck in a bit about the Pythagorean theorem (in the form of the Power Triangle) #scienceiscool.

Handout for Dr. Pele Ugboajah’s Presentation at ELS 2015

Dr. Pele Ugboajah
Dr. Pele Ugboajah

Dr. Ugboajah had an ELS first…he led the audience in song!   His presentation at ELS 2015 talked about the Knowing-Doing gap in training and how to fix that through measurement and practice.   Dealing with this gap is critical because learning and development is not delivering the results needed to support organizations.

Dr. Ugboajah was kind enough to provide us with the handout for his  presentation–Pele Ugboajah Training Is Not The Answer.   More of Dr. Ugboajah’s thoughts are available in his book The Three Gaps Between Goals And Greatness: A Parable About Leadership Practice.

Handout from Lou Russell’s ELS 2015 Presentaion

Lou Russell
Lou Russell

Lou Russell delivered a wide ranging, passionate presentation at ELS 2015 titled  There’s No Holy Grail: The Truth About Agile, Gamification and Quick Fixes.  The presentation focused on the state of project management in the learning industry, different project management methodologies, the advantages and disadvantages of each and the basics of successfully managing a project.

Lou has kindly provided a handout for her presentation Lou Russell ELS2015 Presentation-Handout.   Lou is a prolific author–some of our favorite books include Managing Projects: A Practical Guide for Learning Professionals
and 10 Steps to Successful Project Management (10 Steps).