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Job Seekers Scholarship to E-Learning Symposium 2011 Houston

E-Learning Council's purpose is to create the premier peer-to-peer E-Learning Community. We recognize that in our current economic climate, valuable learning and networking opportunities can be difficult to obtain.

To provide support for those who have lost their jobs, E-Learning Council is offering a special scholarship to up to five qualified applicants (worth $395). E-Learning Symposium 2011 Houston: High Performance E-Learning.

Criteria to receive a scholarship include:

The Future of E-Learning and Instructional Design

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to predict the future, especially when it involves your career? 

Train for Success with Anders Gronstedt

On October 6, E-Learning Symposium 2011 speaker Anders Gronstedt will kick off the weekly Train for Success sessions in the virtual world, Second Life. Below, Anders shares some exciting upcoming events in the virtual worlds community.


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