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Creating Memorable E-Learning

Linda Warren, a speaker at E-Learning Symposium 2011 talks about the importance of creating Memorable E-Learning.   Linda brings together concepts from marketing and learning theory in this talk.  She'll be presenting the topic at ELS 2011 on June 8, 2011.

Supplementing your Personal Learning Network with Twitter

Twitter?  A learning tool?  Can you really learn 140 characters at a time?  

Used correctly Twitter can be a great addition to your personal learning network.   First, you've got a account setup on Twitter right?   You know the basics of Twitter right?  If not, Google "Twitter Tutorial"   or "How to use Twitter".  This video on How to use Twitter by Howcast isn't bad.

Got it?  Great.  

"E-Learning" - History of use in books

Bill Gates on Online vs. In class learning

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