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ELS 2010 - Julie Preston - Are Games the Same

ELS 2010 - Julie Preston - Are Games the Same

Presentation from Enspire's Julie Preston "Are Games the Same?  Update the Blueprint for your E-Learning Process to Leverage Game Development Techniques."     In this presentation she talked about:

  • What is a Learning Game
  • Learning Process
  • Game Process
  • Game Types:  Casual Games, Platform Games, Adventure & Role-Playing Games, Alternate Reality Games,
  • Recommended Learning Game Process
  • Game Metrics

Ms. Preston also  provided a great checklist as well as resources for game development (attached below)

Please note that you have to be logged in to download the presentation.  

E-Learning Symposium 2010 Photos

Photos by Nicole R. Stallings, MicroAssist, Inc.

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ELS 2010 - Practical Techniques for Designing Better E-Learning

Trainers, SMEs, and even instructional designers have spent time learning to write courseware, but very little time on visual design. Ineffective layout and design results in e-Learning courses that may be boring, non-engaging, or confusing. Just as instructional designers bring learning theory expertise to the course design process, visual communication skills can also enhance course quality. It's not enough to conduct proper analysis, align content with learning objectives, or follow ADDIE to create award-winning courses.

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