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Design Principles - The Zen of It

Garr Reynolds (author of the Zen of Presentation) spoke to Google staff about presentation design principles. Well worth the wee bit over an hour of time to watch.
And here's a list of his top 10 tips to gauge your presentation from a designer's vantage point.

Rapid E-Learning -"Give Me 5" for Your SMEs

In an excellent case study produced by Kineo about the line managers' portal they developed with and for Marks and Spencer.  It is available here.
There's lots of gems, including a list of the five key questions you need to ask a subject matter expert if you want to take out the knowledge and build the learning environment. They are excellent and  straightforward.

Wiki Participation: Shepherding Hippos, Anyone?

As useful as a wiki can be, soliciting user participation is roughly akin to shepherding a pack of hippos. Users may appear to be indifferent and slow, but, get too close or be too insistent, and watch out. The article gives good ideas on how to use carrots and sticks to drive participation.

Podcast: Learning at the Five Moments of Need

Did you know that Nov. 10-14 is National Distance Learning Week? To kick things off, how about a podcast? Here's Conrad Gottfredson speaking about Learning at the Five Moments of Need and the essential role that informal learning plays in performance support.

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