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Introducing the Top Ten Most Influential Bloggers

After many weeks of voting, the winners of the Top Ten Most Influential Bloggers contest are in!

Top Ten Most Influential Bloggers

  1. Jane Hart | @C4LPT
  2. Elliott Masie | @Emasie
  3. Cathy Moore | @CatMoore
  4. (tie) Harold Jarche | @Hjarche
    (tie) Jane Bozarth | @JaneBozarth
  5. Steve Wheeler | @timbuckteeth
  6. Tom Kuhlmann and Dave Anderson | @TomKuhlmann, @elearning
  7. Clark Quinn | @Quinnovator
  8. Clive Shepherd | @CliveShepherd
  9. David Kelly | @LnDDave
  10. Tony Karrer | @TonyKarrer


Many thanks to our readers and members who voted. We hope this list provides you with some great new E-Learning resources!

And if you're in the Houston area on October 25th, check out #1 Jane Hart and #6 Dave Anderson when they present at E-Learning Symposium 2011 Houston. Time is running out, so get your tickets today! 


List seems a little innacurate

Though each of the individuals on the list is by every account an "influential" person in the world of learning, it's somewhat misleading to call them all "influential bloggers". Some haven't posted to their blog in months and in one case, only a few posts all year long.

What makes those blogs influential?

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