E-Learning Project Management Workshop Resources

Resources for the Planning and Project Managing an E-Learning Project Workshop.    


Project Managing E-Learning (ASTD E-Learning Series) >

Launching and managing a successful e-learning project is much easier when you use the proven steps and strategies in this practical guide. This guide focuses on project management issues that can bring an e-learning project to a halt. Includes hands-on exercises and worksheets.   Bill uses his years of IT project management experience to provide readers with solid skills and know-how to better manage risk, deadlines, roles, client satisfaction, and learning.

Bill is an authority on IT project management, presenting at conferences, workshops, and seminars throughout North America and abroad. He served as editor of Best Practices in IT Leadership, and teaches online in Keller Graduate School of Management’s Project Management MBA Program.

The website for this book, http://www.projectmanagingelearning.com, allows you to download the templates and forms from the book as well as an article on 18 Reasons E-Learning Projects Fail

The One-Page Project Manager: Communicate and Manage Any Project With a Single Sheet of Paper

The One Page Project Manager gives you a template to manage the timeline, resource and financial aspects of your projects on a single sheet of paper.  This allows you to quickly communicate these essential details to management, team members, customers and stakeholders.  

The templates from this book can be downloaded at https://www.oppmi.com/

The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management (Portable Mba Series)

A great general reference book for Project Management.   We use it in our standard project management class.  There is a strong use of graphics with tables, charts cross-heads, and bullet points. Important passages are flagged in bold and/or emblazoned with the words key concept. When you read it, you realize that there is nothing magical about project management, just the application of careful common sense. The book covers all the basic stuff like planning, time-tabling, quantity and price estimation, resource allocation, and scheduling. But it also acknowledges that there is inevitably a political dimension to every project, no matter how small. So it has important sections on how to ensure that all the stakeholders in the project are kept “on board” and the importance of communication.. 



Web Resources

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