White Paper: eLearning Reporting Standards: SCORM and Tin Can


Linda Warren

In this white paper, E-Learning Council speaker Linda Warren and Mike Hruska discuss the significance of the Experience API also known as xAPI and “Tin Can”. The jump from SCORM to xAPI is a big one and learning managers and designers need to be aware of the limitations of SCORM and how xAPI is designed to address them.

The paper helps you gain basic knowledge of terms and an understanding of the standards that provide the foundation for SCORM and xAPI (such as “TinCan“), and then discusses the how xAPi addresses some of the key limitations of SCORM in areas including:

  • Security
  • Use outside the LMS
  • Use outside the browser
  • Offline support
  • Web and native app tracking
  • Tracking virtual worlds and simulations
  • Tracking informal learning
  • Tracking group performance

Download Tracking and Reporting Standards for Training: SCORM and xAPI

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